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FREE DOWNLOAD! VIP / Drumstep remix of psy/OPs – Splice

by on Apr.22, 2013, under Label News

FREE DOWNLOAD! VIP / Drumstep remix of Splice by psy/OPs from the Hive EP, released on Anomaly Digital. Rocking the halftime vibes, pushing cybernetic bladerunner synths with intense triplet wobble bass wrapped up in analog warmth. If you’re digging this pick up a copy of the Hive EP!

“Kranky & Lethal – The End is Coming” meets “The Walking Dead”

by on Jan.15, 2013, under Label News

Vidstephero over at Youtube recently put together this awesome video clip of The Walking Dead using “Kranky & Lethal – The End is Coming” as the sountrack – very appropriate indeed! Check it out and subscribe if you like his work!

To check out the other videos he’s made (mostly Dubstep-related) go over to his channel at:

Anomaly ANM005 The Music's End EP: The End is Coming / Stop the Music

Anomaly ANM005 The Music’s End EP: The End is Coming / Stop the Music

ANM015 Poltergeist EP receives a smashing review over at CORE Magazine!

by on May.29, 2012, under Label News

CORE Magazine

CORE Magazine: Future Jungle Reviews – June 2012

“Australia’s Anomaly Records have been steadily churning out some of the most consistently good quality FJ since their inception a few years ago. It’s been a real pleasure watching them grow as the scene has mutated from J-Tek to what it is now, which is a genre that is about to go worldwide in a big, big way. This, their 15th release, comes via Lethal, one of the best producers the scene has at present. Title track ‘Poltergeist’ is full of ultra crisp drum edits and warbling, twisted synth scrunches that wouldn’t be out of place in the baddest of dubstep tracks. B-side ‘Feel’ sees the rise of the piano riff and saw wave combination last seen on a dance floor somewhere in 1992, slightly up-tempo and with a lovely bank of familiar but welcomed samples that makes me wanna reminisce somewhat. A great release from this strong Australian outfit.”

Review by Daniel Beale
Future Jungle Reviews – June 2012
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