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Anomaly Digital Recordings: Future Jungle Promo Mix by DJ Mystery (UK)

by on Nov.05, 2013, under Mixes

Anomaly Digital Recordings: Future Jungle Promo Mix by DJ Mystery (UK) [Kode5 Recordings/Fantazia/Dreamscape/Moondance/Raindance]

Bournemouth UK based DJ Mystery (aka Allan Peach or Mr Peach) has been DJing for over 23 years and first got the techno bug when he use to attend the famous WDA parties in Bournemouth back in the early 90s, but he soon developed a taste for rave/hardcore. He has played at some of the biggest and best known raves from back in the day, such as Fusion, Obsession and Universe to name a few.

As well as being a much in demand DJ playing out most weekends for other promoters, DJ Mystery also promotes his own events under ‘Totally Underground’ which is an old skool night, he also has a techno night called ‘Pure Class’ and has built up a massive following along the South Coast. This year has been very busy for him along with his DJ partner in crime Timeless, they have played Fantazia, Retro Trax, Moondance, Raindance, Epidemik and Dreamscape. DJ Mystery, alongside Barry Vacher, Gaz Pritchard, Jamie Corke & Mark Wall, is also responsible for kicking off UK based ‘Kode 5 Recordings’ which focuses on Old Skool, Future Jungle, Breakbeat and Drum n Bass.

DJ Mystery has knocked up this excellent hour long mix of some of his favourite tunes from Anomaly Digital. A download link is available from soundcloud.


1. Requiem – Badman Vibes [ANM002-B]dj-mystery
2. Kranky & Lethal – Unstoppable [ANM001-B]
3. Lethal – Speedball [ANM003-A]
4. Vinyl Junkie & Madcap – Bad Man [ANM007-B]
5. Kranky & Lethal – Parallel Universe (Lethal’s Alternate Reality VIP) [ANM008-C]
6. Kranky & Lethal – Red Mist [ANM011-A]
7. Lethal – Light Cycle [ANM011-B]
8. Kranky & Lethal – Solar System [ANM012-A]
9. Simon Holmes – Deeper Progress [ANM013-B]
10. Lethal – Feel [ANM015-B]
11. Kranky & Lethal – Reflection (Time Travel’s Back to 94 Remix) [ANM016-C]
12. Generic Bass – Rudebwoy Symphony (Lethal Remix) [ANM020-A]
13. Electrux – Nucleus [ANM022-B]
14. Lethal – Speedball (Electrux Remix) [ANM020-E]

Ruined Jon – Best of Nu-Rave Vol 2 (The Dark Side)

by on Jan.15, 2013, under Mixes

Nu-rave.comHere’s the second volume in Ruined Jon’s “Best of Nu-Rave” tunes. Check it out to hear a selection of great tracks which have come out of the scene over the last five years including three bangers from Anomaly.

1. Richie K – Riddick 2008 [Hardcore Lives]
2. Tango –  Concrete Steps [Cyfi media]
3. Mastergroove – Annihilate [Kode5]
4. Madcap – Artillery (Into the future remix) [Top Drawer Digital]
5. Beagle – Crazy Person [Hardcore Lives]
6. Kranky & Lethal – Parallel Universe [ANOMALY]
7. Dazz F – One of those hardcore tunes [Definition:Breaks]
8. Toofer – Techcore [Intensive]
9. Tango & Ratty – Killa Sound [Steel Fingers]
10. Lucas – The Antichrist [Top Drawer Digital]
11. Modular – Dark NRG [J-Tek Recordings]
12. Lethal – Black Hole [ANOMALY]
13. Lethal – Light Cycle [ANOMALY]
14. Electrux – Big Bang [Definition:Breaks]
15. Cutters Choice feat Laurie Webb – Falling (Strange Rollers remix) [Rave Style’e]

Time Travel – Sound on Sound | Future Jungle – Vol:One

by on Jul.27, 2012, under Mixes

Melbourne-based Time Travel has put together the first volume in a series of mixes known as ‘Sound on Sound’, which showcases his unique take on the Future Jungle movement. Expect chilled, deep and rolling vibes from this fantastic mix.


1. Return To The Future [Rising Lantern]
2. Kranky & Lethal – Reflection (Time Travel’s Back to 94 Remix) [ANOMALY]
3. The Absolute Type [Forthcoming ANOMALY]
4. Show Me The Way [Quantum Progression]
5. Kranky & Lethal – Stop The Music (Time Travel’s Deep Meditation Remix) [ANOMALY]
6. Slow Jam – Ancient Civilizations
7. The Speed of Light [Forthcoming ANOMALY]
8. Solar Glide [Rising Lantern]
9. Slow Jam – Balance
10. Paradigm [Forthcoming ANOMALY]
11. ’93 to Infinity [Quantum Progression]
12. New Life [Quantum Progression]
13.  A | B | Y | S | S [Quantum Progression]
14. Inside Sequence [Digital Acetate]