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The 20 Best Business Ideas for Students + Tips for Each

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Best Business Ideas for Students : Most college students and high school students have large amounts of free time. You can’t spend them any better than by becoming a student entrepreneur…

Zuckerberg did not realize he was writing a huge part of the history of the internet when he developed Facemash in his second year of college. Windows was not the breakthrough idea of Gates or Allen.

We needn’t go all the way back. Over the past decade, we have seen many brilliant ideas take shape that were started by college students.

Entrepreneurs have access to this internet as a playground and as a valuable tool. It seems like a new business idea is born every other day. Furthermore, there is a large number of minds ready to provide support, along with the capital needed to grow the concept. Hence, there is no better time to be a college entrepreneur than now.


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Is it possible to run a business while being a student?

Yes, that is the case. I don’t care if you are still in college, as long as you don’t waste any time starting your own.
Among students in their teens or early twenties who are interested in starting their own side hustles, which could grow into successful companies in the future, there are no legal, financial, or technical barriers to do so.
As a result of the internet, new businesses no longer have to encounter the biggest barriers to forming.

Okay but, should a student start a business while he/she is studying?
While school and university are occupying many of your hours at the moment, if you stay organized and utilize your hours to their maximum capacity, you will find that you can study and run your startup at the same time.

In fact, it might even help you to better understand what you are being taught in college because it will allow you to see other functions in what you learn at college. It is a great way to set your career path and open the door to many opportunities and opportunities in life and in business.
Okay, so we know it’s a good setting for startups, and that students can handle it without difficulty while still getting As, but now… how could they do it?

Here are 20 entrepreneurial ideas that you can use to start a business, along with the amount of investment needed, the difficulty of the idea, and some resources to get you started.

Play Cupid

You can create an app or website that is only available on campus or in the area, so that singles can meet. This would be greatly appreciated, and with a small fee, the app could take off and become the tinder of the college campus.

Additionally, the app could be used to encourage more networking and offer people a chance to meet and make new friends. In the Boosting professional networking is the third choice for developing such an app. This radius can be widened based on the future performance of each variety.

Motivational Apps

Motivational Apps

Motivational apps cover a wide range of topics. You may need them for academic purposes or for mental health. As far as academics are concerned, the application should not add more pressure to universities. Using it, users could register to attend events, seminars, and lectures, and earn points at the end of the process. Such apps help students to become more productive by providing a fun and positive experience. Depending on where you live, you might be able to receive vouchers, coupons, or special deals. It would also be a worthwhile advertisement option for sponsors among the clientele.

Applications that track fitness, gym attendance, and other activities are also possible. You can also create mental health apps that motivate and support people. The fight against depression, social anxiety, and even the problems that to outsiders might seem silly can be fought together by students. Through ads, such an idea could be monetized easily.

A number of tools are available to build apps cheaply and quickly (even without knowing how to code). Taking into account how hard this business idea is, it may not work. This is an interview with the CEO of Notezilla, an app of this type that shut down because it was hard to make money.


As long as there are children, there will always be a need for babysitters and nannies. As both parents work and as maternity and paternity leave are shrinking in time, the market for such a product is only expanding.  


Babysitting Network

A babysitting business can benefit from your social media presence. Adding prospective babysitters to your website or group will allow you to charge a commission every time someone is hired, on top of doing the work yourself. Even if you are unable to do the work due to lack of time, you will still earn a percentage from your fellow babysitters.

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Babysitting is the best thing ever, right? Sit with your pet! A dog-playing day sounds like so much fun, right? Working families and families on vacation who need help with their beloved pets are common.  

This idea of a business can be approached in a couple of different ways. One of the most popular methods is taking your pet for a one-hour walk every day/every two days. One of the second things I was hoping to do was to look after pets of people who were taking a vacation for a few weeks. In both of these cases, the pricing would be entirely different.

Local Reviewer

It seems that we look online for the reviews of any product we intend to purchase as soon as we need to know about it. In fact, all of the big cities have their own dedicated websites where reviews, from multiple sources, can be found from time to time. It is true that there are small places and even the campus could be small. What about them? It seems to me there’s enormous potential here.

Review the accommodation in your area on your own website. Alternatively, you could rent out other accommodations around the campus to students or make this available to students only. As opposed to only relying on word of mouth, this would be credible. A discussion forum and listings could also be included.  

Swap Website

The purpose of swapping websites is to exchange goods and services, which can then be sold and resold. In other words, if someone is only using something once, buying one may not be the best choice. However, renting it out might be the best option. I know of at least one person who is capable of doing this on campus. However, the dilemma would be the issue of how to find that person. In addition to simplifying things, such a website would allow people to save a few dollars as rent money, which is even better.

Describe it as a new era barter system. This type of system would be in high demand especially on campus. If you want to start a project locally, you I have found that there is plenty to borrow and exchange, such as academic services, bicycles, books, and even clothes.c services, bikes, books, and even clothes. You can monetize it through advertising or taking a fee of swapes.

Flipping Websites

For a low price, you can purchase websites that are at their peak. Then, you can expand the websites within a few months or two years and sell them for a profit. It is possible for someone to make millions of dollars per year with their sites by working full time on it.

Buying a high-quality website for a low price is the key to success here. Many people have provided information about what to consider and how to check when doing it. While you’re at it, you can learn a lot about digital marketing for free, which will be beneficial if you grow a website. Micro Acquire, Flippa, and Empire Flippers are three website marketplaces.

Sell used books

Congratulations on completing your academic year! Have you ever looked at your desk? There must be a collection of used books there. You can usually find them in the trash bins in your home. Rather than selling them to kids at a higher price, we should sell them at a lower price to younger students.

In spite of the fact that you probably won’t be able to purchase a new phone with this amount, you will most likely be able to purchase the books you need for the upcoming semester. Moreover, since it does not require any investment and does not take too much time to do, it proves to be the best method.


There is an ethical question surrounding re-selling sneakers, tickets, or whatever, but I have personally seen many people profit by buying items at a low price and selling them at a higher price. Those who haven’t owned these products are willing to pay more than their original price to own them once the item is no longer available (like the mentioned tickets and some exclusive sneakers).

Getting the right price is key when you are re-selling. You need to understand the market and anticipate those items that will have the greatest likelihood of selling once they run out. I know someone who bought ten concert tickets and couldn’t sell them three months later. My advice would be to think twice about doing this. In the end, he managed to invite all of his friends for free and suffered a huge loss.  

Writing Services

 Whether you need writing services for students or businesses, create a site that does so. Whether it is sales & marketing copy, SEO content, academic coursework, or simple proofreading, you can count on me.

The internet already has many good writing services, and if you are thinking of starting your own, it would be beneficial if you worked as a professional writer for a reliable website before starting your own. Then, once you have gained a substantial amount of experience, you can move on to setting up your own essay writing service. Charges could be based on the number of hours or the number of projects.

You could charge a fee if the website offers other students the option of providing similar writing services 😉

Writing Services

Design Services

Businesses of all kinds require design services. This allows you to niche down to local businesses or other students starting up their own startups and provide services like logos, flyers, packaging, or even websites. If you charge by the hour or by the project, you could do so.

Businesses may be hesitant to trust a student. It is possible to demonstrate your past work, offer one free project, and connect them with your previous clients in order to achieve this.

Digital Marketing Services

Since the emergence of eCommerces and online businesses in the last decade, digital marketing has grown a lot. A huge percentage of clients are being lost by businesses that don’t digitalize themselves and pay no attention to their internet profiles and presence.

Many local businesses are probably looking for help in designing a digital marketing strategy that works for them. Using this method, you will be able to contact the owners of the pets and offer them a free consultation to demonstrate your expertise in the field. In addition to local SEO, managing social media for the small business may be something you could assist them with and Google Ads/Facebook Ads campaigns, among other strategies.

Development Services

Eighty-one percent of customers search online before buying from a physical store? Local businesses tend not to have one, even though they need one in order to succeed. There is a lot of opportunity for profit here, as each project can be charged for.

In addition, coding has become incredibly accessible for everyone nowadays. It’s no longer an excuse to not know how to code, because there are countless free development courses, books, articles, and videos available. In addition, you can create a website without learning how to code if you wish. The site was designed using Webflow, a powerful tool for visual web design.

Cleaning Services

Your neighborhood could benefit from a cleaning service online ad. Your clients will trust you if you do a great cleaning job. Ask your clients for referrals, and you’ll soon be cleaning your neighbors’ houses as well.

This is what Kisten Hadeed did and what led to the creation of Student Maid, a really successful cleaning company in Florida. Ask clients to supply you with the equipment and charge per hour so that initial investment is very low. 

Cleaning Services

Pool Cleaning Services

You can consider cleaning pools instead of cleaning your neighbor’s house as a business idea. Being educated on what you are doing makes it easier, but it’s definitely not as easy. Your location may even require you to obtain legal permission to work on it. Additionally, some equipment and products must be purchased to make the job possible.

The difficulty as well as investment challenges come with a great chance to make great money. During the summer, it would mainly run during the summer seasons, so earnings are easy to come by.

Pool Cleaning Services

Moving Service

Both neighbors and students require moving services at some point, whether they are moving back to their homes after the academic year ends or because they rent a new house. When you can easily package items and move boxes, then you can earn money (at least $200/moving).

Skinny Wimp Moving was started by Max Maher, a 23-year-old who has grown it from $0 to a cleaning company that earns $1 million a year.

Transcription Services

It is necessary to transcribe everything from medical records to court proceedings, as well as not requiring many skills, it also does not require fixed hours.s nor many skills. On the side, there are many forms of transcription, including video podcasts and recorded lectures, so you will probably be able to identify and niche that interests you.

Transcribing is not a formally acquired skill; it is a skill acquired through experience and practice. A wonderful listening and listening skills, a strong understanding of English grammar rules, and the ability to type quickly would make for a perfect combination to deliver high quality results quickly.

Translation Services

It’s not as easy to offer translation services as it is to offer transcription services. This requires being bilingual in both languages as well as knowing the rules of both languages. It is unlikely that businesses will actually offer advanced translation work to students, but they may be more willing to do so for a simple or unimportant translation.

Starting with translations of books, lectures, and articles for professors would be a good idea. Many professors would like to share content in other languages with their students but cannot, since it is not in the student’s native language. Where you can help is if you translate words for a fee.

Photography Services

Take your passion for photography and put your skills into practice by starting your own freelance photography business if you love to shoot.. It is possible that both students and local businesses, or a combination of both, may need your services to update their Tinder profiles or because they are looking to promote their recently-launched products.

In the beginning, you can offer a lot of services, but as you grow, you will probably realize that there is a lot of competition, and you need to specialize and focus on one segment or one specific photography service in order to stand out. Having to move from place to place means breaking and replacing costly photography equipment is the biggest problem for this kind of company.

Photography Services

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