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Can You Unsend an Email ? Already Send Email

Instructions to Unsend an Email
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The most common method of written communication, email, is the format of written communication that we use in our professional life. A perfect e-mail will make you look professionally to clients. But what if the email contains data that isn’t accurate or contains a spelling mistake!

What a terrible thing! You start sweating expecting a negative response from the client. You gain instant regret as a result of the mistake you made. Any mistake can bring negative words about you. Any error in the email provides negative thoughts about you.

Our solution to provide you hope and remove your despair in such a situation is to look at the following article on how to unsend an email after you have sent it.

When “Unsend an Email” Will be Necessary?

There can be many situations similar to the one described in the introduction when you need to unsend your mail for correction. An embarrassing situation can sometimes arise when you need to unsend your mail. For that reason, it is beneficial to know about some circumstances when this service might be useful to you.

Consider the following scenario.


You have been writing job applications or cover letters for hours and hours, and you have finally completed it. When you push the send button, you discover that the name of the hiring manager that you wrote is misspelled. This can leave you feeling devastated.


Suppose you have drafted a mail for sending to a friend or cousin. What if you send it to the wrong person? It may be an elder, parents, or a professional individual. Your business can be seriously damaged when that type of mail is sent to the wrong recipient.


How many times have you experienced terrible situations like this? Undoing your already sent mail is a must to save yourself from regret in these situations.

You can Unsend an Email by following these instructions:

Instructions to Unsend an Email

Many mail service providers allow us to unsend emails. Our services include Email list verification and spam trap removal. Our methods allow us to verify the mail you intend to send to your customer. We will also evaluate the email quality and make sure it stands out from the crowd.


Unsending an email has been added in the options because they understand your need. You will have to be familiar with the process to perform the task. You will find the necessity of this service when you realize your mistake.


Let’s now look at the steps required to unsend an email on a given platform.

Unsend an Email in Gmail

Unsend an Email in Gmail

We all know Gmail, which is the most famous platform for communicating by email. Google introduced this feature to Gmail in 2015, and they refined the service for six years. Finally, they introduced it for all its users. This feature is now available even in the app of Android devices.

So, now let’s know how it will work.

Instructions for Web:

A pop-up message will appear on your screen with the words “Message sent” when you press the Send button.


In the bottom left to the option, you will find two options, “Undo” or “View Message.”


You have to choose “undo” quickly to undo the action. Although the option will temporarily vanish, you will no longer see the opportunity to unsend the message.


Here is an option to customize the time of appearance of an opportunity. However, the maximum time your ability to set is 30 seconds.


Instructions for Android:

Once you have written a message in your Android phone, a message option called: Sent, and in the bottom left, an option called, “Undo” will appear.


You have to select the “Undo” option instantly to unsend your mail.

Instructions for iOS

The “Send” button on your iOS device right at the moment, should show you two options, “Sent” and “Undo”.


You have to press the “Undo” button immediately to reverse your action, like on an android device.


The instructions for Gmail to undo an action should not be difficult to understand for you. You can do so with a fingertip on the “Undo” button.

Unsend an Email in Outlook

Unsend an Email in Outlook

It is quite similar to Gmail’s email sending process to use Outlook and also easy to remember.


The “Undo” option needs to be enabled in your “Settings” menu. Go to the gear icon in the top right corner of your outlook email account, and choose the following choices.


“View all Outlook settings” > “Mail” > “Compose and reply”


Then you will see the “Undo” option. The enabling process is complete. Here you can set the waiting time. In Outlook, you can’t leave more than 10 seconds between pressing the “Undo” button.

Now let’s know what to do after sending a mail:

You will receive a “Sending…” and “Undo” option shortly when you press the “Send” button in Outlook.


The sending progress of your mail will be halted as long as you press the “Undo” option right next to the option sending.

Unsend an Email in Yahoo

Unsend an Email in Outlook

It has been widely reported that Gmail and Outlook are the largest email service providers in the world, and that Yahoo is close behind. Also, Gmail and Outlook launched the feature to unsend an already sent email.


If you use Yahoo, you should know that Yahoo still doesn’t have the facility to undo emails. Therefore, for now, we cannot provide instructions on how to undo an email via Yahoo.

Unsend an Email with Any other Email Service

Although other email services like AOL, Zoho Mail, Yandex, GMX,, and Inbox still do not offer an unsend feature, it is important not to give up hope. You still have options available if you use any of these services.


We suggest you try Mailbird, a third party client that will help you retrieve your mail from any email provider we have mentioned. Here are the steps you need to follow to get your mail back.

Instructions for Mailbird

To do this, you must adjust your settings and enable the feature for unsending your mail. To do this, you need to run the following command:


Click “Hamburger Menu” > Select “Setting” > Choose “Composing tab” > Go to “Sending Selection”


After following this command, you will be presented with the Undo option. You need to drag the slider to Undo and proceed to select whether you wish to undo the action.


If you send a message in the future, it will show a pop-up window written “Sending” next to an Undo button. Then you’ll see all your unsent messages in the drafts folder.


If you are a Windows user, you can get Mailbird, which can be used on Windows 7, 8, and 9. For Mac users, there is another external client that is referred to as Spark, which can be used on Mac OS, iOS, and also Android devices.


Spark’s free version has more features, so you can use it to manage all your data.

Managing Unsent Emails with Clean Email

Your email service provider’s unsend feature is one of its most helpful functions. Until now, you may have gotten all the instructions necessary to complete the task, so you may understand the job is straightforward. But there can be a problem when it comes to managing your email.


If you continually unsend an email, it will accumulate in your draft box. Further, these emails will appear in your sent mailbox at the same time, creating a thread in an email conversation. This cause a user to lose her level of organization.


This can be easily done with Clean Email. It will help you to organize your mails properly into smart folders, manage them in groups, and even remove any email, archive, or label in a couple of clicks.


With Clean Email, you can free up some time by automating some tasks, such as unsubscribing. If you have multiple subscriptions, you can use the smart unsubscribe option. These features of Clean Email help simplify your life and make you more organized.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you know the process; thus, you can unsubscribe from your email. No matter what email service provider you might be using, you can use this feature. The option to unsubscribe can come in handy in a crisis. Besides that, using Clean Email will boost your productivity.


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