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8 Way To Make Money Without Going to College

Make Money Without Going to College
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It’s important to understand that making money is different from working full-time.

The two are often confused, which is why it’s important to clarify. In addition, I am not claiming that having a job and making money are mutually exclusive. 

It’s more desirable for many people to make money from a career that doesn’t require full-time studies. What’s the reason? Starting your own business allows you to earn money without spending four years in school (and accumulating debt).

This is especially relevant in today’s increasingly internet-dependent world. 

It can be hard to find a full-time job without a formal degree, but many online jobs will pay you well even if you don’t have a college degree.

Make Money Without Going to College

8 Ways to Make Money Online Without a Degree

You should know that there are several platforms, such as Upwork or Fiverr, where you can start freelancing online before I begin listing ways to make money online.  

The jobs I’ve highlighted below go across all platforms, which means that they are available at any time.

There might be some jobs that are more prevalent on one platform (such as Upwork or Fiverr) than others (such as Freelancer or Guru), so it’s important to familiarize yourself with different platforms.

Even though a degree isn’t required for these strategies, you should possess common sense, an eagerness to learn, and an ability to adapt.

1. Become a Voice-Over Artist

You might not have the most melodious voice, but believe me, that won’t hurt your chances of becoming a voice-over artist. As a result of the variety of voice-over work available, chances are you will find a role that suits your skills.

Taking part in voice-over jobs is fairly simple if you pronounce clearly and have a good microphone (borrow one first). Make sure you record the best voices, then keep recording them until you have a voice-over portfolio.

With a freelancing platform such as Upwork, you can earn up to $50 per minute of voice recordings at first. You can join 200,000 professional voice-over artists on platforms like once you have certified as a pro. Typically, you can expect to pay a per-minute rate of $200 to $300 at that point.

2.Graphic Design

Why not consider graphic design if you are passionate about the visual arts? Small graphic design jobs don’t require high-end software or extensive skillsets to begin. 

Multimedia, web design, and logo design are among the most common graphic design jobs. Online courses can help you learn most of the skills you need for these jobs, and freeware like Inkscape will help you get started immediately.

If you don’t have a college degree, graphic design can be very well-paying. As a complete novice, you may need to work for wages as low as $10 per hour until you gain experience and can earn $150 an hour. 

On Upwork, freelance graphic designers earned an average of $45 an hour in 2019. But if you keep at it and build a decent portfolio, you can earn much more.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

As there are so many popular YouTube channels out there, you may wonder: can you develop your own following on YouTube? 


More and more people prefer watching videos over reading text, so content creators and influencers are focusing on them. Video tutorials featuring “how to” steps are becoming incredibly popular for this reason. 

Become a YouTuber without having to specialize in a trendy niche. Choose something you have a passion for and are proficient at. Regardless of what you think will make the best content, start making videos.

Make sure you don’t aim too high. You can make millions on YouTube, but if you aim too high and become dejected because you don’t win, you can give up will inevitably get Demotivated. It’s important to do work you enjoy so you’ll be fulfilled even if your salary isn’t great. 

The average revenue from ads for a 1,000-view video is $18-not bad. Imagine: In just two and a half months, your video could generate about $18,000 if it gets over a million views.

4. Odd jobs.

Because I have encompassed so much in this heading, I might have shot myself in the foot, but oddly, that is exactly my point. The possibilities for making money are endless, with no technical skills needed at all (you just need a computer and an internet connection, of course). 

For instance:

  • For things you normally do online, websites like Swagbucks give you gift cards and cash. SB points are earned by watching videos, completing surveys, and buying stuff, and they can be converted to gift cards and cash. A typical user earns $50 to $125 a month.
  • You can earn money by doing simple online tasks with Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk). Transcribing audio content, undertaking surveys, or processing images may be included.
  • For local gigs, you can look online on websites like Craigslist or Kijiji if you are willing to put in some physical work. You may earn a decent amount of money based on the work you have available. 

5. Content Writing

Almost anyone can become a writer as long as they are adept at language and communication. Having written history reports since grade school, you have technically always been an author. 

Writing content and working as a freelancer can be accomplished once you have a decent vocabulary and understand syntax and grammar. If grammar and sentence structure aren’t your strong suits, tools like Grammarly can help. You can start by signing up for one (or more) of these freelance websites:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr

You may want to show some samples from your published or unpublished work. A simple article about making pancakes can be published on the website of your local bakery.

It is typical for beginners to work for as little as $1 per 100 words (or 200 words). However, the more you write, the bigger your writing portfolio will become. For the creation of a six-word slogan, experienced writers can charge hundreds of dollars.

6. Blogging

Creating a blog or website may be the best option if you are good at writing. If you can cultivate a decent following, your blog can earn you a decent income even if it isn’t your primary source of income. Here are some simple ways to monetize your blog:

  • Online ads
  • Affiliate programs
  • Sell an online course
  • Sponsored blog content
  • As a platform to get freelance clients

Glassdoor estimates that the average blogger earns over $33,000 per year. This can help you to become inspired to start a part-time blogging business. 

If you improve the quality of your content and stay on top of the trends, the longer you stay, the more you can earn.

7. Web/App Development

It used to be that only hardcore programmers developed web and mobile applications. Thank goodness, that isn’t the case anymore. After only a couple of weeks of learning, beginners can create websites with the help of various online tools. 

It might require a bit more coding experience, but still isn’t so difficult as it’s made out to be. Web developers earn an average salary of $74,450, according to Your first year might not bring in this much money, but you’ll get close to it after a few projects.

8. Virtual Assistant

Most clients will only need good organization and communication skills, as well as basic web and software knowledge. Some clients may require a degree, however. Virtual assistants (VAs) can do anything from replying to emails and categorizing them to doing some basic research and even advertising clients’ portfolios.

As a result, virtual assistants have a wide range of responsibilities. The classic administrative VA is available at websites like 20four7va. If you are a VA with a specialty, you might manage Pinterest for business clients.

Online jobs like this are common because many businesses outsource simple tasks. Earn between $12 and $16 an hour as a virtual assistant.


If you want a new career but don’t want to go back to school for several years, consider trying one of the aforementioned jobs.

Making money without a degree is possible, but your success also depends in part on the field or area you focus on. Pick something you’re good at or enjoy doing, and try to make it your business. You can write a blog, make videos or podcasts, or even develop

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