20 Best Way Promote Shopify Store

How to Promote Shopify Store
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How to Promote Shopify Store : Is your Shopify store not earning you enough money? If you are not pushing it hard enough, then you may not be getting the results you want.  

Today, you’re in luck because I am going to show you 50 ways to promote your Shopify store. This will give you plenty of choices so that you can choose the method that you are most comfortable with.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

How to Promote Shopify Store

How to Promote Shopify Store

Give Customers Outstanding Service

If your organization has a good product and your customer service is poor, then it can drive away potential customers, regardless of how good your product is. A great customer service experience can not only increase the retention of your customers but also enhance the reputation in which you are known among your competitors.

Start a Referral Program

You can promote your Shopify store very quickly by starting an affiliate program. The only time the referral program pays you is when the user makes a successful sale for you. Some of the time, you must make use of other people’s voices in order to increase traffic.

Instagram Stories

Even if it is deleted after 24 hours, it will still reach a large number of audiences during that period. The process of displaying promotional offers or other features of your product is now quite simple.

Make use of Special Holidays

It is not only during Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Christmas holiday period that people tend to buy things and give gifts to each other, but also during Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day as well. There should be no doubt in your mind about this time period as a key time for marketing your products online.

Social Media Contests

A social media contest is an excellent way to market a product on social media. It is very powerful, since it will not only attract large numbers of viewers, but will also cause sales to skyrocket at a moment’s notice. That’s how easy it is. What person doesn’t think it’s cool to be awarded a prize after a contest?

Advertise Your “coming soon” Sales

Customer anticipation creates an increased level of curiosity about the goods they really want. Once these goods are released to the market, the customers are also ready to buy.

Facebook Stories

Although the item would also disappear after 24 hours, showcasing your items and promoting limited quantities is possible using this method.

Make Sure Your Website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

The traditional route is to optimize your website for the search engines if you don’t have the money to pay your way to the top of search engines. There are just a few simple SEO techniques that you can employ: optimizing certain parts of your website, such as the title tags and meta tags, and gaining links from relevant, authoritative sites. Search engine optimization, on the other hand, is harder said than done. It takes at least six months of consistent SEO before you can start seeing results.

Advertise on Google

Google is another place worth advertising on. Despite being surrounded by social media websites today, most people still turn to Google when they need information. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, your brand needs to be in their faces.

In order to improve your ranking in search engines, you can use search engine optimization, which is the traditional way of doing the job. There is no guarantee that you will see results right away, even though it is an effective method. For those of you who want to start making money from your Shopify website right away and need it to be up and running immediately, promoting it with Pay Per Click advertising is the best optionIn the search engine’s front page, your site will appear immediately if you do this.. This will instantly place your link on the top of the search engines.

Advertise on Facebook

As a new Facebook page owner, you should not underestimate the power of the platform when targeting people. Because its advertising platform lets you customize your target market’s interests as well as selecting their location and other demographic details, I adore its advertising platform.  

Sell on Instagram

Facebook is not the only social media outlet you can use. Shopify websites work extremely well with Instagram. I do the following. Instagram is where I post photos of my products. Next, I follow a few people and like and comment on some of their photos. I will send a Shout-for-Shout request to Instagram stores with the same amount of followers when I get enough followers. This would often shoot my follower count through the roof and land me a good amount of traffic and sales in my Shopify store.

Have a Facebook Presence

A Facebook presence does not necessarily mean that your online store won’t benefit from it. Increasingly, brands promote themselves on Facebook since everyone scrolls there. Your Facebook page should already exist by now. As you promote your posts and images of your items on Facebook, you will reach your audience.

Reward Buyers

Referral rewards are not the only type of rewards that you should offer. Your buyers should also be rewarded for their loyalty. I wonder how? Using the buyer points system, you are able to accomplish this goal.

Almost every store does this on a regular basis. Almost all online stores offer loyalty cards where points are accumulated depending on how many purchases have been made by a buyer. As a result of these points, you will be able to turn them into something useful – credit that you can spend on certain items or you can use to get discounts on those items.

Reward Referrals

How can you grow your ecommerce website the easiest? It is referrals that provThere is nothing difficuLt only thing you need to do is use software or an application to implement a referral campaign.sign using a software or an app. From here, your customers can start adding some referrals. Each referral should earn them points or rewards. These rewards can be a discount coupon or a free item in your store.

Give Away Coupons in Exchange For Subscriptions

The importance of having a list for an ecommerce site cannot be overstated. You can think of it as having a customer list and a potential buyer list at the same time. It will be easy for you to contact this list when you introduce a new product or promotion. Just click a button and you’re done.

However, a list can only be obtained if you request it. Offer your customers an incentive in return for their email addresses. The best thing that you can do sometimes is to simply offer your customers a discount coupon. Based on my experience, the best time for promoting this is when your customer is about to purchase something that demands their attention. In some cases, they were often enticed to join because of the discount offered on the membership.

Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is another option you can offer along with discount coupons. Shipping charges are so high that many buyers refrain from shopping online. People usually feel at ease knowing that they will receive their products without extra shipping costs when the shipping is removed from the equation.

Promote Your Store with Discount Coupons

Promo codes can’t be discussed without mentioning discounts. It’s one of the oldest ways that ecommerce website owners promote their websites, and it’s still effective today.

On big ecommerce sites, you’ll see it as well. On the page, you’ll find a coupon for a discount. There is a reason why they put it there. In order to attract customers, they offer discounts on purchases.

Email Marketing Limited-Time Discounts

Another way to promote your Shopify store is to send an urgent email regarding limited-time sales. If you can offer limited-time discounts to your target customers, they will act as soon as possible. Marketing requires a lot of time.


Content marketing is in no way limited to text. Video certainly has its place in that realm. A video can help you promote your product and also provide behind-the-scenes information for your customers. In addition, YouTube has a live broadcast option, so you can use it. YouTube is currently a dominating platform today.

Organize Sales that Lead to Charity Donations

You can use the fact that consumers are becoming more socially aware to your advantage. The causes that customers care about can be supported by you. Seeing that your product will help a cause they care about will make them more inclined to purchase your product.

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